DIY butt enhancement cream

If you want a bigger and rounder butt, you can have it on your own, without having to opt for plastic surgery or spending large amounts of money. You can start by doing special booty exercises, which will work on increasing the muscular mass of your butt. This is extremely useful to have a lifted and toned butt, as these muscles are displayed just the right way around your buttocks to encourage an amazing shape. So, you need to work them out well if you want to see signs of improvement in the way your butt looks.

You can also focus on eating the right kind of foods, as there are some you can enjoy that will help you shape a more beautiful butt. Yes, eating junk food and fast food will not help you, as the fat gained in your butt this way will make your buttocks sag, as it is the wrong kind of fat. For health and beautiful butt, you should start eating quinoa, raw nuts, eggs, fish, chicken, oatmeal, spinach, avocado, brown rice, steak, sweet potatoes, greens, various types of beans, milk, and other healthy foods that contain healthy fats.

Getting back to our subject, it is possible to prepare a butt enhancement cream at home, which, if paired with a good booty workout routine and an adequate diet, will help you grow a gorgeous butt in no time.

You can easily prepare an effective butt enhancement cream at home by using plain Nivea crème, fish oil, vitamin E, castor oil, and, if possible collagen capsules.

  1. To start with, you need to take a blue jar of Nivea crème, the brand’s most common type of cream. You don’t have to use Nivea if you have a similar cream that can be easily absorbed into the skin and it is not too scented.
  2. Remove a part of the cream in the jar and save it for your next batch of butt enhancement cream. You need to do this because you need to make room for the ingredients you will add to the cream.
  3. Next, add 10 to 15 capsules of fish oil into the cream. You will have to use something sharp, like a small scissor or nail clipper to break the capsules so you can squeeze the oil in the cream. Ideally, you should use 15 capsules if the smell is not too much for you. Don’t worry, it will fade away as you will mix the cream.
  4. Then add 15 capsules of vitamin E in the same manner and mix all the ingredients well. For better results, add a tablespoon of castor oil and 10 to 15 capsules of collagen. Collagen capsules are a bit more expensive, so if you don’t want to spend that much, it is important to have at least the fish oil and vitamin E. Still, using the collagen will significantly improve the aspect of the skin on your butt, as skin cells need collagen to renew themselves and have that young and plump appearance.

You will have to apply this cream twice a day for ideal results and you should see some improvements after 5 or 6 weeks of use. Just don’t forget to do some butt exercises meanwhile and make sure to have proteins in your diet, as they promote the growth of tissue in the area, promoting a butt lifting effect as well.

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