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2014 Award Winners

The 2014 SoCal Film Festival Awards Ceremony with hosts David Beatty and Ryan Maray. Thank you to SoCal Entertainment and Media for their video production with the ceremony.

Audience Choice Awards: Shadow

1. Award for Achievement in International Filmmaking
Time to Kill, Directed by Justin Rettke

2. Screenplay Short-Form Finalists
Le Coeur Malchanceux | Charlie Leitner | Short Form

3. Award for Achievement in Micro-Short, Youth Movement, Animation or Music Video
The Champion, Directed by Jaclyn Noel

4. Award for Achievement in Student Filmmaking
Ghost Light, Directed by PJ Germain

5. Screenplay Long-Form Finalist
Letters to Linn | Andrew Trainor | Long Form

6. Award for Achievement in Local Filmmaking
Restoration of Paradise, Directed by Russell Emanuel

7. Award for achievement in Documentary Filmmaking
Breaking the Spectrum, Directed by Alex Lancial

8. Award for Achievement in Cinematography
Basil Mironer, Seahorses(May be here, Director Jason Kartalian

9. Award for Achievement in Short Filmmaking
The Hideout, Directed by Daniel Wahlen

10. Achievement in Acting - Actor
Ian Hutton, Seahorses

11. Achievement in Acting - Actress
Constance Brenneman, The Toy Soldiers

12. Award for Achievement in Feature Filmmaking
The Backseat, Directed by Ryan O'Leary

13. Award for Achivement in Directing presented by Birns and Sawyer
Chris Reese, The Conversation

14.Golden Ticket (Best-in-the-Fest, Jury Prize) presented by Acura
Seahorses, Directed by Jason Kartalian


Screenplay Finalists 

There are individual awards for both Long Form and Short Form Screenplays.

Title | Writer | Format

Brother Billy | Brian Hightman | Long Form

Hold My Hand | Michael Dotson | Short Form

Rock Tarpeian | Salvatore Bono | Long Form

Le Coeur Malchanceux | Charlie Leitner | Short Form

National Pastime | David Lieto | Short Form

Fast Money | Christian Robinson | Long Form

Daughter of a Son of a Sailor | Katie Waldron | Short Form

Headsman | Steven Langridge | Short Form

The Story of Sol | Craig Warren | Short Form

Zoe and the Zebra | Vicki Peterson | Long Form

FourPlay | John Harris | Long Form

Letters to Linn | Andrew Trainor | Long Form

A Clash Of Iron | Richard Reed | Long Form

Slave | Alejandro Sesma | Long Form

They Call 'm the Hook! | Giovanni Sanseviero | Long Form

Penance | Annette Sanchez | Short Form

Double Mary | J.G. Wu | Short Form

Stages | Ron Podell | Long Form

Honorary Awards

Lifetime Special Achievement Awards

Margaret O'Brien

Randal Malone

2014 Official Selections (A-Z) 

Title | Director

A Good Book Has No Ending | Luke Graham

Ahora Si Llego! | Sanzi Desiderio

Among The Innocent | Louis Mansfield

Any Other Way Music Video | Dillon Garland

Anything Made of Paper | Brandon Ray, Pat Kondelis

Aquarium | Philippe Grégoire

Aria | Marvin Willis

Black Rock Creek | Malone Lumarda

Blind Silence | Isaiah Taylor

Breaking the Spectrum | Alex Lancial

Cassandra | Guy-Roger Duvert

Chelsea's Light: A Brother's Journey | Bruce Caulk

Complementary | Christopher Zappe

Dolls | Kelly Holmes

El Camino Real | David McClendon

Excess Baggage | Chantal Massuh-Fox

Fallen Sun | Ivan Andrijanic

Finding Neptune | Tosin Coker

Fit to Be Tied | Bobby Grubic

for the love of dogs | Tim O'Donnell

Freak | Joshua Cockfield

From the Heart of Brahma | Carl Off and Robert Douglas

Front | Kevin Wright

Ghost Light | PJ Germain

Give & Take | Scott Andrew Kurchak

God's name in vain | Alli Sadegiani

Good Behavior | Clark Kohanek

Grave Shivers | Brent Sims

Hey Presto | Lara St John

Hjorleifur | Stephen Hunt

Human After All | Brian Cardona

Identity Confirmed | Brian Shackelford

Ijen | Markus Bruno

Inmotion | Simon Baucks

Innocent | Thomas Marchese

Kappa | Trevor Wilson

Le Prix D'Amour | G-Na casazza

Let It Go | Joe Lam

Life Under the Bridge | Andrew McGivern

Lost in Motion II | Ben Shirinian

Love Sick Lonnie | Chad Mathews

Lucid | Kevin Shah

Malum In Se | Roderick Morrison

Mecca II | Bryan Johnson

Mestizo | Talon Gonzalez

Mia | Emi Bell

Minimum Max | Joshua Ovalle

Moodar Koodam | Naveen Shaikdavood

Moving Out | Sean McCarthy

Mulligan's Island | Jeffrey Palmer

Naked Zombie Girl | Rickey Bird, Jr.

Noble Fir | Christopher Graham and Joseph Arney

Nose Hair & Peanuts | Richard Diaz

Nothing in Los Angeles | Rob Herring

Oh! Stargazer | Jessica Poon

One Thing | Michael McCallum

Opacity | Nick Testa

Our Time Together | Mike Chuney

Pint | Nic Barker

Proof | Scott Strosahl

Rab da Vaasta | Chakravarty Devulapalli

Rain, Rain | Thomas Pace

Rains In LA | Liam Hooper

Recursion | Sam Buntrock

Restoration of Paradise | Russ Emanuel

Run Out | Andre Gaumond

Ryan Baxter: Reenactor | Brandon Haberman

Seahorses | Jason Kartalian

Sebastian | Vlad Marsavin

Shadow | Autumn McAlpin

Sins of the Father | Rachel Howard

Stan | Meirav Haber

Strange Thing | Alrik Bursell

Sugar | Jasmine Johnson

Supposed to Be First | Michelle Jackson

Terror Strikes | Chris Frint

The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain | Gui Pereira

The Backseat | Ryan O'Leary

The Champion | Jaclyn Noel

The Chemist | Jeff Toye

The Conversation | Chris Reese

The Hideout | Daniel Wahlen

The Long Night | Emma Penaz Eisner

The Routine | Brian Groh

The Strong People | Heather Hoglund and Matthew Lowe

The Toy Soldiers | Erik Peter Carlson

There Is No God And We All Die Alone | Harrison Givens

Time Goes On | Richard Poche

Time To Kill | Justin Rettke

Today's Headline | Arem Kim

TSA America: Level Orange | Misha Collins

Tuck It Like A Man | Osvaldo Cueves

Une Balade à la Mer | Damien Stein

Wanderlust | Matt Ekberg, Mike Chaney, Simon Pax

Waterfall | Jeffrey Whitten

Witness Monitor | Edward Worthy

You and Me | Eric Tsang


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